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PATIENT IS KING PROJECT: PATIENT IS KING PROJECT is Brain & Spine Foundation, Africa’s response to the Nigerian Medical Association’s ‘Patient-Centered Care’ Summit which we believe have come to stay, judging by the overwhelming appreciations it has continued to receive from the targeted citizenry, apparently for the life-changing promises it holds for them.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health. Apart from areas which the government has a great role to play, there are great laws to protect and promote the health of an individual and ensure a better health outcome during visit or stay to a healthcare institution. But of what use are these laws and information if they are not known or applied. To achieve a Patient Centered Care approach to care, there is need to promote patient engagement and activation. Activated patients are equipped with information, skills, knowledge and motivation. “PATIENT IS KING” Campaign is to sensitize the masses and create massive and much needed awareness of the Patient Bill of Rights and to promote a Patient-Centered Approach to Care in our healthcare institutions.