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NEURO-CARE PROJECTS: Neuro-care projects concentrate on creating awareness of neurological conditions, providing information and educating the public on the risk factors, the warning signs, symptoms, preventions and management of these conditions.

There are more than 350 different conditions of the brain and spine and together they affect more than 40 million people in Nigeria. These conditions affect both children and adults and in many cases have long term impacts without the prospect of a cure. Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex and poorly understood by those affected. These disorders are increasingly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa and the disabling rather than fatal nature of many neurological disorders, the stigma associated with brain disorders, and the enormous difficulty in gathering epidemiologic data have resulted in their being under reported and neglected. These issues represent the unfortunate paradox that is responsible for greater proportion of persons living with disability.

1 in every 5 patients you meet in the emergency room of every major hospital has a neurological problem, sometimes three or four. But because we are a society that is affected by culture and religion, there are some people with the conditions that believe that some witch in the village are responsible, or because they didn’t do some sacrifice to their late grandfathers is the reason they suffer. But those conditions unknown to many are treatable medical conditions.

Hence, Brain & Spine Foundation is committed to providing support and quality information to people affected by brain and spine conditions, and most especially to the general public in order to reduce anxiety and help inform their choices